• "Hunger is something no kid should ever have to worry about. A kid should be able to just be a kid."
  • "Nothing has the power to change the world like a generational wave of people sharing a fate."
  • "Every major medical breakthrough, from the discovery of insulin as a treatment for diabetes to the prevention of polio, began with scientific research."
  • "Above the lush, green rainforest canopy, great grey plumes of smoke swirled, filling the endless sky. The 'burning season' had begun."
  • "Millions of students are heading back to college campuses across the country. Do you know what the NRA thinks they should have in their backpacks? A gun!"
  • "Some people call it paying it forward, but no matter what you call it I know you recognize that we all got where we are today because someone invested in us."

Changing the World One Story at a Time

Your work is changing the world.  We’re here to make sure the world knows it.

Impact is a creative agency focused on writing compelling copy that will bring your donors closer.

At Impact we consider ourselves fundraisers first, writers second. We help you tell the world your story and raise funds to advance your mission.

If you are looking for messaging that moves people to action, you’ve come to the right place.

A Winning Message for Mid-Level Donors

Women for Women International

Last summer the Impact team worked with Mal Warwick/Donor Digital developing the copy for a new mid-level giving program for Women for Women International. Telling the story of Josephine, a single mother of eight in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the letter invited donors to play a larger role in helping women survivors of war. The effort exceeded projections, acquiring 73 new $1,000+ donors for the organization.

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