Get up From Your Desk!

I can’t tell you the number of times clients will say to us, “Just go to our website for everything you need to know.”  We ALWAYS push back on this.  We’ve learned that to write powerful copy we need to hear from real people what’s important right now and what impact an organization is really having.

Case in point: Stacie Mruk and I recently interviewed Colin Goddard at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  Colin is an excellent
source of solid information, not only because he is traveling the country in his work as Brady’s Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs, but also because of his first-hand knowledge of gun violence.  Colin was shot four times at Virginia Tech, and that experience gives him enormous credibility and a real passion for changing our nation’s gun laws.

We called to ask Colin about Brady’s efforts to keep guns off college campuses for an appeal I was writing.  But in that one 45-minute call Colin gave us enough stories and information to feed many more communications over the next few months.  Even more importantly, we were re-inspired about the cause of ending gun violence.

That, my friends, is why if you want to make your donor communications more compelling and meaningful you absolutely have to get up from your desk and go listen to people.  Listen to your organization’s frontline employees, Listen to those you help, Listen to anyone and everyone who can give you meaningful, first-hand stories about what you are trying to do.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more valuable to your efforts to connect with your donors!

Lisa Swayze


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