Message Matters

In a recent blog on how to connect with Millenials the ever-wise Katya Andresen had this to say:

6. Remember there are universals to all ages – and one of the most important is that the information you provide is clear, concise and meaningful. Get that right above all else! Even a nifty mobile site doesn’t matter if it has poor messaging.

We couldn’t agree more!

There’s so much buzz lately about twitter, infographics, mobile apps, and more. But all nonprofits need to remember that the message is what matters–no matter what channel you are delivering it in.

In fact in social media it’s never mattered more because good messages can get shared–A LOT!!!

Getting good messaging out there–in every channel–starts with a solid multi-channel strategy, and for fundraisers, a strong case for giving.

So focus first on clarifying and strengthening your message, because message matters!

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