The Greg Albright Right Hook

At the Direct Marketing Association of Washington’s “Best of Direct” event last week, the incomparable Greg Albright of Production Solutions was honored as Direct Marketing Professional of the Year.

It was a truly well deserved award for this great leader who has given so much to the fundraising and direct marketing industries. One of Greg’s many talents is recruiting other folks to volunteer for DMAW and the Bridge Conference.  Tracy Lea points out that when Greg wants you to volunteer for something, he gently reaches his right arm around your shoulder and says, “I have something I want to run by you.” Tracy has dubbed this Greg’s “right hook” and notes it’s nearly impossible to resist.

As someone who has been actively involved in DMAW, the Bridge Conference and the Association of Fundraising Professionals for many, many years, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to resist.  My volunteer roles have allowed me to meet so many wonderful people (like Greg!), make important business connections and grow as a leader.  Plus it’s super fun.

So, if you haven’t raised your hand to help with an industry committee or event in the last couple years, now’s the time to do your part.  I promise—you’ll get more back in return than you give. So don’t run from the right hook, embrace it!

Congrats again to our friend Greg for this great honor!

– Kathy Swayze

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