What’s in a Name?

I just finished my favorite part of the holidays… Every year, my husband and I coordinate friends and neighbors to “adopt” families in need.  It’s not a small commitment for our volunteers.  They buy clothes, toys, often even coats to fill their family’s Christmas.

The reason I think so many volunteers flock to this project and come back year after year is the sense of personal connection they get.  They know the name of every child in their family.  They know how old they are.  They know what kind of toy is their greatest dream.

You can hear it in their voices when they drop of their gifts—‘Danny wanted a blue coat, but I could only find a black one in his size, so tell his mom Sheila there’s a gift receipt.’

It shows how important connections like this are to all of us.

That’s why when we tell stories to donors, the more details we can bring to life, the better.  It’s a fundamental rule, but one that we can’t be reminded of too many times—people give to people.

So this holiday season, when the spirit of giving is so strong, don’t deny your donors what they really want most… to put a name and a face and a real sense of why what your organization does is important to a mom, a family 5,000 miles away or a neighbor down the street.

– Stacie Mruk



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