Finding the Why Now? Moment When Asking for Bigger Gifts

I love that lately I’ve heard more marketers and fundraisers talking about the importance of a strong case for giving.  It just makes sense.  You’re asking people to part with their hard-earned money… you better be able to tell them how it will make a difference in our world.

And a strong case is needed even more for upgrading your donors to that next level.  If you want a bigger gift, you’d better be able to answer the question, “Why now?”

Whenever we work on upgrade packages at Impact, we are always on the lookout for what we like to call “the unique moment.” The unique moment is the answer to the question of why you want a bigger gift from your donor right now.

Not sure what your “unique moment” is?  There are really three big categories to think about.

Look at “Inside” Numbers:  Has your organization had a surge in the number of clients you’re serving, cases you’re litigating, pieces of legislation you’re tracking, applications for your grants?  Internal data that shows increased demand or need is a very straightforward way to explain why you need more money to do more great work.

Look at “Outside” Stats:  What are the trends in the outside world that impact your work?  Are there more poor people now in your community, your state, your country?  Does Baby Boomer aging mean more people will be effected by the health issues you’re working to solve?  Societal trends are another great way to justify why now is your unique moment.

Look at Big World Events:  Is there big news happening that’s going to impact your work?  The tragic Newtown shooting was a game changer for anti-gun violence groups. A high profile event like the Olympics or the World Cup coming to one of the countries where you work could create an ideal time to push for social change.  Seize those big events to make your case.

Hopefully, as you consider the categories above you’ll find your “unique moment, and it will help you craft the most effective upgrade ask you possibly can.


– Posted by Stacie Mruk, CFRE

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