Mothers Day – Make This Universal Story Your Own

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been loving the creative Mother’s Day campaigns lots of nonprofits are doing.

Some of our clients, like SOS Children’s Villages or Women for Women International, have missions that are spot on for Mother’s Day.  And these groups have done a great job of connecting their stories to the holiday.

But it’s just as interesting to see organizations you might not naturally associate with moms taking the leap.

World Wildlife Fund’s Mother’s Day emails have featured adorable photos of baby and mama elephants and a brood of tiny penguins with their mom.

Sierra Club is offering ways to green your Mother’s Day to “please both your mom and Mother Earth.”

The bottom line is that honoring mothers—be they flesh and blood, adopted or symbolic—is a universal theme everyone can relate to.  So you’re smart to give your donors opportunities to honor mom by supporting a cause they believe in.  Creativity encouraged!


– Posted by Stacie Mruk

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