Branding: Tiffany’s Blue Box

Last week I attended Fundraising Day in New York and went to a wonderful session on Brandraising, by Sarah Durham of Big Duck.

Sarah said that in the nonprofit sector, we’re far too eager to create new brands for every new thing we do.  An anniversary brand. A program name brand.  As a result, we end up diluting our brand.

She pointed out that Tiffany’s has one of the most iconic brands in the world—their signature blue box.   They didn’t change it because it was their 50th anniversary or because they had a new fabulous line of jewelry—they recognized that their equity was in the blue box and they stayed true.

So the next time you think about creating another sub-logo—or even a fancy banner for your email campaign—think about whether you are enhancing or fracturing your brand.  Because, as Sarah says, “In the end, when they make a donation to your campaign, you want them to know they are giving to your organization—not just a campaign with a nice logo.”

Sarah—we couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for a great session and for making the trip from DC totally worth it.


– Posted by Kathy Swayze

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