Still Plenty of Storytelling at Bridge

Storytellers that we are, the Impact team wasn’t shy about cheering on the Storytelling educational track at last year’s Bridge Conference.  It’s a hot topic that lots of nonprofits are eager to brush up their skills on.  And we all know that better storytelling can help us raise more money.

This year, though the track is no longer around, the conference education committee still put a lot of effort into selecting some great storytelling sessions. We’re eager to check out as many of them as we can. 


Track 1 – Direct Marketing & Fundraising

The Art of Storytelling – Walter Lukens

Thursday, August 1, 2:15pm – 3:30pm


Track 3 – Major Gifts & Planned Giving

Writing for 4, 5 & 6 Figure gifts – (our very own!) Kathy Swayze

Thursday, August 1, 8:15am – 9:20am


Track 6 – Boards, Volunteers & Campaigns

Best Practices in Philanthropic Communications – Sara Stern

Thursday, August 1, 8:15am – 9:20am


Track 8A – Integrated Channels for One Stop Shops

CSI: Washington – Copy Scene Investigation – Sonya Swirdjuk

Thursday, August 1, 4:00pm – 5:15pm


Track 10B – Organizational Leadership & Personal Growth

Telling Powerful Stories – Danny Alpert & Michael Hoffman

Friday, August 2, 2:00pm – 3:15pm


No matter who the audience is for your stories—big donors, your board, or members, there’s something at the 2013 Bridge Conference for everyone.  Hope to see you in some of these sessions!



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