I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself

 Those of us who work in fundraising communications spend our days (and sometimes our nights) trying to craft compelling messages that will move donors to support our cause.  It is part art and part science and it’s never easy.

But sometimes, when we’re just sitting in our offices plodding along, something comes across our desks that is a reminder that our donors are the best messengers of all.  Our client, the Foundation Fighting Blindness, recently received this note along with a generous bequest from a longtime donor.  None of us could have written a more compelling case for planned giving.  Read it and be inspired for your next fundraising project!


“I have watched five generations of my family slowly go blind during my lifetime. If this bequest can help future generations avoid these difficulties, then I will feel that the assets I have accumulated during my lifetime have been contributed for the benefit of mankind, and my life has not been lived in vain.”

– Posted by Kathy Swayze

And a special note:  the lovely lady in the photograph is my grandmother, Marian, at her 90th birthday party in October 2011.

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