A Little Love for Your Letters

I have this friend, Hannah Brencher. She sends people mail for a living. But she doesn’t work in direct-mail. Crazy, you say? What could she possibly do?? She sends people in need of a little pick-me-up love letters. Stripped down, bare-boned, simply “the world loves you”, letters. (Not to get confused with mushy-gushy SWAK letters.) These letters they ooze support and care for the human psyche.

Sound a little familiar? We do this everyday when we write the donors we love about how great they are or when we tell the heart-breaking-and-awe-inspiring stories of the people we are helping in the world. But Hannah, she takes it one step further. She never asks for anything in return.

Here at Impact we love that the More Love Letters site says, “We’re only interested in you. The cracked parts of your own story & how you can use them to lift someone else.” Because, of course, we’re inspired by the power of storytelling too!

If you want to script a love letter of your own for someone in need, or simply would like to know more about my friend Hannah and her inspiration, please check out her website More Love Letters.  Maybe you’ll find a little love and inspiration for your letters!


– Posted by Amanda Marcucci

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