Can Direct Mailers Learn from the Digital Geeks?

I’ve been thinking lately about year-end fundraising campaigns online—and how these campaigns just keep getting more and more robust every year.

So what’s the secret sauce we’ve discovered online that we might want to dribble over our direct mail efforts? Two words:  Campaign and Repetition.

  1. Campaign– come up with a theme and key messaging that will be used over a defined period of time.
  2. Repetition – repeat that key messaging again and again in multiple efforts that build on one another.

To be fair, direct mail folks have already been doing a bit of this.  We send a year end appeal and a year end follow up. A greeting card mailing and a greeting card follow up.  But what if we took a lesson from the online side and started doing mail campaigns that include three, four or more efforts on the same theme?

At Impact, we’re starting to explore this concept with some of our clients.  It’s a strategy being used by Renee Simi for Make-a-Wish of the Greater Bay area—kicking off the organization’s Season of Wishes campaign with an October mailing and following that with November and December mailings on the same theme.

Could your organization benefit from a more campaign-focused and repetitive strategy to its direct mail efforts?  Have you already tried this?  I’d love to know what you think…

– Posted by Kathy Swayze

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