What’s Really Scary? Not Having a Year-End Fundraising Plan!

We know you’re out there…those of you who are just now starting to think about your nonprofit’s year-end fundraising strategies.  We’ve heard from a few of you ourselves in recent weeks.

While we understand how many pumpkins you are juggling at every moment, it really is past time to have your plan (and your copy!) ready to roll out.

But don’t despair!  It’s still safe to open that door (it’s not like Freddy Krueger’s hiding behind it after all) onto the scary terrain of year-end fundraising.

We recently saw this post from Gail Perry at Fired Up Fundraising, and we’re passing it along to you because it’s a veritable treat bag full of year-end fundraising ideas.

Click here for Gail’s Top 10 Year-End Fundraising Strategies for 2013.

It’s our treat to you this Halloween.

– Posted by Lisa Swayze

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