Grateful Thoughts

“The sun will not rise or set without my notice, and thanks.”                                                                                                                      Winslow Homer

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, what each of us at Impact is thankful for right now:



This is a bit difficult for me, because the older I get the more grateful I am, for things large and small.  I am seriously grateful for my good health and physical condition, not in an off-the-cuff way that I might have said this when I was younger.

I’m grateful for my family, and that there’s no family drama at the moment.

I’m grateful for the view out my window … the lake, the dogs and their human companions, the ducks and the geese and the herons.

I’m grateful for my circle of friends and for my friends/colleagues.

I’m grateful that when I flip the light switch, the lights come on.


What I am thankful for this year the most is:  all of you at Impact and to be right here where I am, and all of the experiences and people who helped me get here.


I am grateful for the friends who make me laugh (yes, book club ladies that means you) and the friends who know how easily I will cry.

Family ties, that no matter how frayed, continue to bind.

Colleagues who inspire me with their insights and basic goodness, every single day of the year.

The man who has brought me love, respect and acceptance I did not really believe in until he said, “Do you want the long version or the short version”?

And my son who, though a teenager (which means he sucks!) sets an example of tolerance for others, empathy, creativity, sheer brilliance and silliness that make me proud.

Much love to all this Hanukkah and Thanksgiving!


I’m grateful for my hometown of Washington, DC.  I love all of the culture (free museums! amazing performance venues! delicious restaurants!), the diversity, and the sheer number of idealistic people trying to create positive change in our world.  I know it gets a bad rep, and we’ve got some things we need to work on, but I just love it here.  This is home.

I’m grateful for my friends and family and the chance to spend time with them tomorrow, from the So Others Might Eat 5k for Hunger first thing in the morning, all the way through to the last slice of pumpkin pie.  Oh, and I’m grateful for pie.

I’m grateful for my new job at Impact.  Not only do I work on an amazing team, but every day I get to talk to folks at organizations doing incredible work to create peace, heal our planet, and strengthen communities.


This year I’m feeling especially grateful for those who care for loved ones.  My sister Lisa, for the love she’s shown our dad, and my Aunt Susan for all she does for our grandmother.

I’m also grateful for change.  Life has proven once again that times of change and difficulty can bring enormous opportunities and incredible new people into our lives, and for that I am truly grateful.

And I’m incredibly grateful for our clients and the members of the Impact team – you all make me look forward to coming to work everyday…thank you!


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