Remembering Newtown and All Victims of Gun Violence This Holiday Season

For me it’s sort of like 9/11. How you know you will never forget where you were when you heard the news of that dreadful day.

I was working in New York City at the time and commuting from my hometown in Connecticut. I was conversing with a friend from home when the reports of the shooting started rolling in.

2 injured, one suspected dead.

4 suspected dead, multiple injured.

10…12…and the tolls kept rising.

“My god, my god” was the last message I sent, before we both went quiet.

The train ride home that evening was never more silent, more still…and alone in my seat I couldn’t help but weep as I learned the death toll was at 20 innocent children and six teachers dead at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

One teacher was an alumna from the University of Connecticut, my alma mater. I didn’t know her personally, I didn’t know any of the children or their families personally, but in such a small state, you always know someone who knows someone

My friend’s aunt was a teacher at the school. My sister had friends in her high school with families living in Newtown.

The point is:  we all know someone, or a someone of someone, who has fallen victim to gun violence.

And as I saw yesterday at the vigil at the National Cathedral to mark the one year anniversary of the Newtown shootings this December 14, when tragedy strikes, tragedy of such incomprehensible magnitude as gun violence, it doesn’t matter if you knew someone personally; we all feel connected, we are all affected

Members of Congress were in the crowd to hear the families of victims speak about the daily nightmares they face after having lost a loved one. The audience’s voices resounded to their stories of heartbreak with, “We will remember. We will not be silent!”

So I ask you – please don’t be silent.  Support the Newtown Foundation in whatever way you can  Remember the twenty innocent children and six schoolteachers who lost their lives that day, as well as the 30,000 others who fall victim to gun violence every year.

We will not be silent. We will remember.


– Posted by Amanda Marcucci

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