Do You Recognize Donor Loyalty?

I just received a lovely card from Macy’s Department stores acknowledging my 5 year anniversary as a card holder. It looked and felt like a greeting card and even had a $10 coupon in it.  Now I won’t say I was moved to tears by their thoughtfulness, but it did make me feel good.

Which got me thinking . . .how many people do we have on our donor files who’ve been with us 5, 10, even 20 years or more? Other than singling them out for planned giving marketing pieces, what are we doing to acknowledge their loyalty?

Why not try the Macy’s approach and send an anniversary card?

I know, it’s not in the budget, right?  Well put it in the budget for next year. And this year, consider acknowledging their longevity in your renewal mailings or telemarketing calls. Show them you know them with one simple line, “Thanks for being a member for XX years–we really appreciate it.”

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and I for one think this is an area where we fundraisers can still use improvement.

What do you think? What ways have you tried to show your loyal donors they are appreciated? I’d love to hear about your results.

– Posted by Kathy Swayze

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