Engage All the Things, I mean, the People

At the #14NTC on March 13-15 I attended a session called “Engage All the Things” with Farra Trompeter from Big Duck and Ash Shepherd from Minds On Design Lab.

The title of the session was meant to poke a bit of fun at all of us scrambling to use every new online gizmo and fancy tool to engage donors…but is that what donors really want?

The first step was to force us (yes, begrudgingly, it was one of those sessions) to get up out of our seats and engage in conversation with our peers about our experiences with online engagement.

They made us talk to each other, gosh darn it, like, can’ t I just Tweet you?  Oh, wait I get it, talking to each other is what online engagement is really supposed to be about!

So, what was the key message of this session?  You need to get to know who your donor audience is and where they feel comfortable engaging online.  Ask them what social media they use.  Maybe even send them a survey.  Let them know you want to hear from them.  In short, be more focused on engaging all the people (your donors) than on engaging all the things (platforms)!

The online platforms and flashy gizmos are only there to provide the space for you to reach out to your donors – so reach out, with consistent messaging across your identified target channels about the impact of your organization’s work and how much your donors mean to you.

We know it can be challenging to evaluate if you are being consistent – that’s why we created our Consistency Challenge to help organizations look at how clear your message is across channels.  Click here to check out the Consistency Challenge and see how well you’re getting your message out, in all your things!


-Posted by Amanda Marcucci

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