Great Donor Communications = Great Donor Retention

At Impact, we strongly believe that what’s most needed to retain good donors is good communications – across all channels and at all levels of the donor pyramid.

We were impressed with what Chip Grizzard recently had to say about the main areas where nonprofit fundraisers should turn their attention to improve their donor retention. Below, we jump off of his statements with an added note about how effective donor communications in each area can support your fundraising efforts.

  • Focus on stewardship. As Grizzard says, “Your donor felt good when she donated; this is the time to affirm, report and inspire.” This is where donor-centered newsletters and online cultivation efforts are especially effective.
  • Integrate direct mail and online efforts. “With boomers now preferring to give online and a donor giving through multiple channels worth five times more than a direct-mail-only donor, digital integration is a must,” says Grizzard. Your best communications are the ones that integrate a donor-centered message across all channels to keep your donor connected to your mission.
  • Turn attention to gift planning. A massive generational transfer of wealth is underway, and that is an incredible opportunity for your nonprofit. “Now is the time to create your legacy and secure the future of your organization,” says Grizzard. Marketing to your supporters about the unique opportunities for world-changing action through legacy giving is a must!

We agree with Grizzard that stewardship, integration of direct mail and online, and gift planning marketing are important areas where nonprofits can and must improve in order to retain their donors. But we must add that to truly succeed, effective and moving donor communications are key.

– Posted by Lisa Swayze



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