Don’t Be Afraid of Year End Fundraising


It’s almost Halloween…and that means you should have your year-end fundraising plan in place! But I’m willing to bet quite a few of you are just starting to dust the scary cobwebs off last year’s year end strategy to get ready for this fourth quarter. It’s okay — it’s not too late to create a cohesive and compelling plan for approaching your donors this holiday season.

As a special Halloween treat for you, I’m passing along this link to A Step-by-Step Guide to Year End Giving from Bloomerang. It’s full of handy tips and tricks to help with your fourth quarter fundraising.

So don’t be afraid, but do get on it now…before any black cats cross your path! Good luck, and feel free to give us a call at Impact if we can be of any help with your year-end fundraising needs.

– Posted by Lisa Swayze


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