It’s All About That Letter

shutterstock_82911598A recent piece in Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter deserves your attention–a great explanation of why direct mail letters are the bedrock of great fundraising programs. Save this to have on hand for the next time your CEO or Board member proposes a glossy self-mailer or a postcard to raise money.

***Why you cannot leave out the sales letter from your direct mail packages***

There is an old saying that a direct mail package without a sales letter is not at all a direct mail package … it’s just a brochure in an envelope.

Every direct mail package should include a letter. As Peggy Hatch, publisher of Target Marketing explains: “A letter is the one opportunity for the writer to make an emotional connection with the reader. All else in the package — circular, invitation, order mechanism — are rational.”

Self-mailers of course do not have letters, but I often design one panel of my self-mailers as a faux letter. Reason: the copy framed as a letter makes more of a personal and emotional connection than the more sterile promotional segments of the mailer.

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– Posted by Kathy Swayze, CFRE

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