Wrangling Partridges at Year End

6974964699_a411caf717_mThis is for the fundraisers out there busily trying to pull together all of your year end communications right now — I’m here to tell you, I understand.

Do you have your match set up? Are your donation pages designed and ready to go? Direct mail at the printer? What about a lightbox? Aargh!

As one of our clients put it (thanks @AliceAliAl), year-end fundraising is like wrangling partridges.

Just keep wrangling and hopefully eventually you’ll have something like a neat, organized year end fundraising plan all set up and ready to march out the door…all those partridges in a tidy row!

Good luck… May your days be merry and bright this holiday season, and may your fundraising communications bring in lots of donations to support your important work!

– Posted by Lisa Swayze



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