Don’t Forget Your Neighbors This #GivingTuesday

WaldonAdamsThe three nonprofits that typically get my #GivingTuesday attention, and donations, are all large organizations with a narrow focus. They use a lot of powerful language about how their work is affecting change, and how the world will be a better and more vibrant place because of it. And in those abstractions, there’s hope. I hope that by giving, I can move them that much closer to achieving their ultimate goal.

My donations are small investments in hope: That my closest friend, who has an immune disorder, might have better medical options someday. That arts education can be available, in and out of school systems, for any interested child. And that violence toward women and girls is no longer the norm in so many parts of the world.

This #GivingTuesday, I’m still supporting these three organizations. But this year, I’m also looking to my own neighborhood, where the effect of my giving is more concrete and more immediate.

Friendship Place was created to empower individuals and families experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Beginning in 1991 as a grassroots organization based out of Tenleytown (where I live) the group now serves more than 1,200 people a year throughout the entire DC region, providing shelter, medical and psychiatric care, job placement assistance, and more.

The smaller organizations rooted in your community might not have as many resources to put toward #GivingTuesday promotion, but they need our support just the same. They are the ones doing the hands-on work in our communities, making a difference for the people who we might see on the Metro or walking down the street.

Of course it’s important to save the world, cure disease, and provide every human being with the rights, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed. Of course I will continue supporting the brighter futures of tomorrow, however abstract they may be. But it’s no less important to provide the support that might grant someone in your community his or her own brighter, warmer tomorrow.

– Posted by Jennifer Clements

Impact Communications is making a donation on behalf of each of our employees to a charity of their choice this #GivingTuesday, December 2nd. We’ll be posting blogs by some of our team members on where they are giving and why. What about you? Where are you giving this #GivingTuesday? Let us know in the comments. 

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