Protecting the Finger Lakes This #GivingTuesday

1780108_10152978442703714_6764677449638084763_oWhen I’m not in DC meeting with our clients or working in our offices in Eastern Market, I’m hard at work from my home office in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York. I live on Cayuga Lake, and the next lake over is Seneca Lake. This is the heart of the Finger Lakes wine industry, as well as a center for organic and sustainable farming, a tourist mecca, and an all around beautiful place to live.

I’ve chosen to make my #GivingTuesday donation to an organization called We Are Seneca Lake this year because they are fighting an uphill battle to protect all that I love about the Finger Lakes.

Texas-based energy company Crestwood has plans to make Seneca Lake into the “gas storage and transportation hub of the Northeast.” They want to use the natural salt caverns under the lake for a methane gas storage facility and a second facility to store 2.1 billion barrels of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

We Are Seneca Lake is organizing civil disobedience in front of Crestwood’s site daily. Many have already been arrested in an attempt to block action after state and federal officials have failed to listen to their concerns.

Among those who have been arrested is the gentleman in the picture above, Mr. Phil Davis, vineyard owner, farmer and one of the owners of Damiani Wine Cellars on Seneca Lake. Phil was recently arrested in the protests at Crestwood because he fervently loves his vineyards and wants to keep the drinking water clean and the environment safe in his backyard.

If you’ve ever tasted Damiani wines (and if you haven’t, you should), or if you’ve eaten our local cuisine at one of our quintessential farm-to-table restaurants or from one of our local farms, you understand about how the “terroir” of a place like this infuses the wine and water we drink and the food we eat with extra flavor and meaning.

This fight is about protecting a beautiful place full of life and nature’s bounty from industrialization and contamination. That’s why I’m making my #GivingTuesday donation to We Are Seneca Lake.

You can learn more about the problem and sign the Pledge to Protect Seneca Lake at And if you ever have the opportunity to visit the Finger Lakes, drop me an email at – I’ll be more than happy to share some of my favorite places to experience the beauty and bounty of the area.

– Posted by Lisa Swayze

Impact Communications is making a donation on behalf of each of our employees to a charity of their choice this #GivingTuesday, December 2nd. We’ll be posting blogs by some of our team members on where they are giving and why. What about you? Where are you giving this #GivingTuesday? Let us know in the comments. 


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