A Case Study of a Case for Support

AARP 2012 Case Statement FINAL-page-005When AARP Foundation approached us at Impact to develop their institutional case for support in 2012, they had just refocused their work into four impact areas—hunger, housing, income, and isolation. This gave us an outline for the “meat” of the case statement, where we highlight the work that an organization is doing and the impact it will have on the men and women they serve. We crafted a four-pronged description of their work, and built from there.

We returned recently to help them rework their case statement, and things had changed. While they still had four areas of focus guiding their work, their research and programs had discovered significant overlaps between these areas. Instead of keeping them separate, AARP Foundation had began to blur the lines between them to achieve greater impact. As we revised, we worked to highlight those connections.

The original case statement was highly successful for AARP Foundation, and we hope the new one will be as well. Throughout each process, we had to evaluate what structure would best serve the organization.

The case statement is a reflection of what an organization is at a specific time—and what it hopes to become. Staying true to that organizational identity will result in a case for support that is consistent with other messaging, as well as structure and goals.

– Posted by Jennifer Clements

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