Fearless Gift Planning Marketing

shutterstock_207729520Are you intimidated by legal terms like “remainderman” and confused by acronyms like “CRAT” and “CRUT”?

Do you worry about how you should promote planned gifts without rudely pointing out that we are all going to die?

And have you let that intimidation and worry prevent you from effectively promoting planned gifts to your organization?

The truth is, there is nothing especially different about asking for planned gifts from asking for annual gifts, if you follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. Keep your focus on the donors – Speak to their interests, such as ensuring that the causes they champion continue to progress in the future, not the needs of your organization.
  1. Keep it simple – If you are intimidated by planned giving terms, your donors are even more so. Researcher Russell James of Texas Tech has proven that a simple change of wording can inspire three times the number of donors to “include a gift in their will” as opposed to “leave a bequest” to charity.
  1. Keep your goal in mind – To be clear, finding the best planned gift to meet the goals of your donor can be complex because each donor is unique. Don’t expect your marketing to miraculously identify and fully explain the exact gift your donor will give. The goal of marketing planned gifts should be to encourage your donors to let you know they are interested in learning more.

So leave the talk of CRATs and CRUTs (whatever they are) to the Remainderman (whoever he is) and just talk to your planned giving prospects like the donors that they are.

– Posted by Meg Roberts

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