The World is Getting Weirder

shutterstock_230271685The world is getting weirder. And we marketers and fundraisers need to get weirder too. That was the message from Seth Godin during his plenary address at the AFP International Conference in Baltimore earlier this month.

Godin’s thesis is that the “normal” curve is melting because there are so many more choices in the world. According to Godin, “If you have chosen to be average, you are not choosing to pay attention. The only choice we have is to believe in the weird edges.”

Back when there were only three television networks where most people got their information, more people were “normal” . . . i.e. liked the same shows, knew the same celebrities, engaged in the same hobbies.

Godin says that back then we had essentially three main tribes: spiritual, work and community. But today, there has been an explosion in tribes, and it’s easy for people to find their tribe and connect with them.

There’s the red hat ladies . . . the star trek geeks . . . the vegan moms . . .and so on. In this new world order, our job is not to convince people to believe in our cause. Our job is to find our tribe, the people who already believe in our cause and connect them to our organization. Godin urges us to communicate with them relentlessly and not worry about the money. If you connect with your tribe, the money will follow.

Godin calls on all of us to show more hubris. To be weirder. To be impresarios. To take more risks. To see ourselves as the ones who can change everything. Because the real winners will be those charities that are truly remarkable, the weird ones that everyone is talking about.

How can you be weird…I mean, remarkable, today?

– Posted by Kathy Swayze, CFRE

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