5 Facts About Your Monthly Donors

shutterstock_252010372At a recent presentation Erica Waasdorp offered up some compelling reasons why we shouldn’t neglect our monthly giving programs. Here are my five favorite tidbits I picked up:

  • Monthly donor retention is significantly higher than single gift donor retention.
  • Monthly donors are 7 times more likely to leave you a gift in their will than other donors. So they’re great prospects for your planned giving program.
  • The average monthly gift? $22. That adds up over the course of the year! In fact…
  • Though their monthly gifts may seem small by themselves, monthly donors give more cumulatively in their first year of giving than their single gift counterparts.
  • Online monthly giving grew by 32% across the sector last year. So don’t neglect your web presence. Make sure your monthly giving program isn’t buried on your website. Make sure your donors can actually find it! (This is one of the biggest issues we see among our clients.)

Do you have a monthly giving program? If so, how are you showing your monthly donors just how important they are to your organization?

– Posted by Julie Price @Impact_Julie

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  1. Lauren says:

    Wonderful facts to be aware of! You definitely want to make sure you have a great online presence so you don’t lose any possible donors. Make sure the information is easy to access! Thanks for sharing.

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