Planning Ahead for the Bridge Conference

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 2.02.46 PMThe Bridge Conference is fast approaching. As a planned giving specialist, it may come as no surprise to you that I like to plan ahead – I’ve made a career of it. Since I have already scoped out all the sessions, I thought I would share with you some sessions think are “don’t miss” opportunities for those who specialize in planned giving or do planned giving among other types of fundraising.

Planned giving is late to the online fundraising party and very few organizations are making the most of digital opportunities. I’m looking forward to attending Achieving Planned Giving Success Online presented by Phyllis Freedman of SmartGiving and Adam Swaim of Human Rights Campaign to gather some new ideas for engaging planned giving donors online.

Impact has been using surveys with our clients for the past several years. Time and time again, the survey generates strong response rates and high quality planned giving leads. That’s why I’m excited to attend Survey Says! (Theirs AND Yours) presented by Renee Durnin of Gabriel Group and John Kendrick and Mari Chin of the George Washington University. (Disclaimer: these are my former colleagues, which could make me biased but in this case it just makes me more confident in saying it will be a fantastic presentation!)

Planned Giving and Membership: Competitors or BFFs? is presented by Charlotte Meyer of Ocean Conservancy. I’ve heard Charlotte speak about Ocean Conservancy’s integrated, silo-busting approach and I promise you will learn a lot.

These are just a few of the things I am excited about seeing at Bridge. How about you? Do you have a long list of sessions to attend already or are you more of a “wing-it” kind of conference attendee?

– Posted by Meg Roberts, CFRE


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