It’s Not About “Us”

12418874313_f60bd9831c_mAs Creative Director of a fundraising communications firm, I review a LOT of fundraising copy. And here’s what I’ve noticed. In a fundraising letter, the word “us” is very rarely a good thing.

Why? It seems like a perfectly harmless little world. Conveys togetherness and teamwork. But here’s the problem.

What happens when you tell a donor that “Your gift will help us feed the homeless?” Or “You will play a major role in moving us forward to the next level?”

It takes the donor out of the equation. The truth is what you want the donor to feel when she reads your copy is that SHE is the one doing the work.

So get rid of the us and just say, “You will help feed the homeless.” “You will help move our fight forward.”

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating, the more you the better.

So, our apologies to the word “us” . . . but we’re going to kick you to the curb.

– Posted by Kathy Swayze, CFRE @impactkathy


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