The Grassroots Effect – What Does it Mean to go Local?

3929224130_cef2d8d402_zI have been seeing a trend in the nonprofit sector over the past few months (I am sure it is longer, but this is when I noticed it). A trend to go local. Nonprofits are talking about impact as it pertains to a community or even an individual person rather than national statistics. And, organizations are putting more emphasis on leveraging existing infrastructure instead of reinventing the wheel.

I think this is good news. But when national organizations adopt this approach, they must do so with caution. They don’t want to be seen as the big-shots from Washington, DC coming in with all the answers. They must approach relationships with local groups in a truly collaborative way.

This means recognizing that the wisdom to solve local problems already exists within local communities. But in many cases, the resources to develop those solutions and the broader context are lacking. National and international, organizations are beginning to recognize that they can have even more impact if they find innovative and effective solutions and bring them to scale.

It’s a smart and resource efficient way to solve problems more quickly and avoid duplication of efforts.

How can your organization focus on the communities you serve and create the most change?

– Amanda Marcucci

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