How to Stop a Bleeding Heart

COpChiOWIAA2c1BLast week I had one of those days—a day where my heart bleeds. It bleeds for all the important causes that still need attention, all the people who need help. A day when I am so overwhelmed by all the hurt people in the world that I doubt I could ever make a difference to end their suffering. A day when I worry that my heart may just bleed until it is hard and dry.

Maybe you don’t have days like that. I hope you don’t. But some of us do – we work in the non-profit community. We work in physical and mental health care, advocacy, education, politics. We work at Impact.

Days like that pop up on me from time to time and I have learned how to get past the feeling of hopelessness: DO SOMETHING. Do something helpful, even if it is just for one person, just for one hour.

Today, Impact joined hundreds of volunteers and AARP Foundation in their Celebration of Service to prepare 1 million packaged meals to feed struggling seniors in the DC area. During our morning shift, we stopped 3 times to remember the pivotal moments that spiraled our country into this new era of terror we have lived for the past 14 years.

Of all the days to be surrounded by a crowd of people helping our neighbors in need, today was the perfect day. We did something. We made a difference in the lives of people in our community who would go hungry if it weren’t for us.

Thank you AARP Foundation for hosting this wonderful event and for giving all of us volunteers something to do that fills our heart when we might otherwise have bled out.

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2 Responses to How to Stop a Bleeding Heart

  1. Marge Roberts says:

    In all my years of volunteering I have not met an unkind heart. The idea of doing whatever we can to help those who have met a set of undesirable circumstances makes our hearts glad. Good job folks!

  2. Heather Narvaez says:

    Thank you Meg and the entire Impact team for joining our Celebration of Service on 9/11. Your article made me smile because you had the exact feeling we were hoping our volunteers would have on that day – a feeling that every person can do just a little more for those in need. A feeling that no person should live a day in this great country without food in his belly. A feeling that since 9/11 we must all work together for the common good.

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