The Heart of DMAW

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.59.16 PMI was honored to be asked to participate in this fabulous video to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW), along with several great friends and colleagues.

As I say in the video, people in DMAW genuinely care about each other…there’s a lot of heart!

Here are a few more things folks had to say:

“We recognize that in order for us to be the best in our industry we have to help each other.” –¬†Greg Albright, PS/PS Digital

“People put aside the competition in order to help each other because we all work for the common good.” – Geoff Peters, Moore DM Group

“With DMAW, if you’ve done something great or it’s just Tuesday, you get a hug regardless.” – Tiffany Neill, Lautman, Maska, Neill & Company

Please take¬†2 short minutes to watch the video, then I hope you will be inspired to join us in volunteering for DMAW. You can count on lots of information, collaboration…and hugs!

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