3 Easy Steps to More Monthly Donors

9167675045_1fa6e8f591_zHop across the pond and you’ll find monthly giving programs are the norm. Several charities in the U.K. – like Oxfam – have several hundred thousand monthly givers. Put another way, 37% of ALL donors in the U.K. are monthly donors.

For those of us in the States, that’s not what we’re used to hearing. But we won’t see that kind of success in monthly giving unless we continue to promote it wherever and however possible. Here are three quick and easy steps you can take now to start building your monthly donor file.

1. Include the option to make your gift monthly on your reply cards;

2. Do it again, prominently, on your donation pages;

3. Offer options for a monthly bank transfer (EFT) as well as recurring credit card charges to help bring in supporters whose commitment doesn’t expire when their credit card does.

Here’s to more regular, sustaining donors!

  • Posted by Jennifer Clements
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