Our Impact on #GivingTuesday: College Possible

20151001-17093401Lisa Swayze says:

I have a high school senior (shameless mom plug, his photo included with this blog!) who is in the throes of the college application process right now. After more than a year of effort, including test prep and test taking, research, college visits, interviews, and on and on, it’s clear to me that it honestly takes a village to apply to college these days! I’ve thought so many times that my kid would not have made it through this process without my support, which also got me thinking about the students who don’t have that kind of support.

It shouldn’t be this hard to apply to college, but as long as it is, I think it’s important to offer services for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them through the process. So this year I’m using my Impact #GivingTuesday donation for College Possible.

College Possible provides AmeriCorps members as coaches for high school students to support them through the needed preparation and applying to college. College Possible students are also supported all the way through college to help them succeed. I’m excited to give this #GivingTuesday to this organization that helps open up opportunity to more bright, hard-working students.

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