Our Impact on #GivingTuesday: DC Diaper Bank

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.24.49 AMJulie Price says:

With a baby at home, diapers take up far too much of my brain space these days. Making sure we have enough in the diaper bag when we leave the house… wondering whether it’s time to switch to a bigger size… nervously testing out the cheaper brand instead of the fancy-pants Pampers…

But at the end of the day, I’m just so grateful that I don’t have to worry about whether we’ll run out of diapers before pay day.

Diapers. Are. Expensive.

For families living in poverty, paying for diapers can be a terrible burden. Diapers aren’t covered by SNAP or WIC. Did you know that 36% of moms living in poverty regularly run out of clean diapers for their babies? Imagine the heartache of your baby crying from uncomfortable diaper rash, and having no dry diapers around to change him into.

That’s why the staff and volunteers at the DC Diaper Bank work hard every day to help families in need keep their babies healthy and happy with free diapers and other baby supplies. They distribute diapers to social service organizations that are already providing critical wraparound services to struggling families. Each month, they give away an average of 75,000 diapers to more than 2,500 families.

In honor of my happy baby I’m giving to the DC Diaper Bank this #GivingTuesday, to help other parents keep their little ones healthy and comfortable.

For more on why this is an important cause, check out “Why Diapers” and/or “DC Diaper Bank: The Film.” 

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