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Throwing Tomatoes at Charity Oversight?

“I’m so glad you’re done with your salads, because now all the tomatoes are gone.” When the keynote speaker at the DMA Nonprofit Federation conference luncheon last Friday kicked off his talk with that line, I thought he was just … more

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Don’t be a Dinosaur!

We were interested to read Roger Craver’s post over at The Agitator this morning, calling for fundraisers to put more time, focus, and money into educating ourselves. We couldn’t agree more with Roger that, “All of us need to devote … more

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Building Allergy-Free Communications

Everyone, and every relationship, has its own preferred point of access. One of my oldest friends claims she’s allergic to the telephone. We moved to different cities the year before AOL’s Instant Messenger really took off, when we both started … more

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