What’s Yoga Got to do With It?

amandayogaIn this field of do-gooders and dreamers, I am sure a number of you are fellow-yogis. Hello! I recently went to a yoga retreat in a beautiful place called Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Nestled into the side of a volcano, I was hoping I would discover where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing—the age-old questions of a late-twenty year-old!

This didn’t happen.

Instead, what I found is just how important our connections are to people. In reality it is all that matters.

Which brings me right back to this field of fundraising.

We want to build stronger connections to the people who inhabit this world with us. That’s what I believe underlies our desire for stronger communities, saving the rainforest, and feeding our hungry children—all of the things we work so hard to make happen in the world.

So, I’ll say it again – I went looking for my place in the world, and I found it in people.

We all need to remember that this is at the core of what motivates our donors to give to our causes. How do you help your donors feel more connected to the people you/they, serve?

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