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Mid-Level Isn’t Direct Mail – It’s Major Gifts in the Mail!

As our good friend Chris Brooks at No Kid Hungry says, “Mid-level donors are very annoying.” After all, they aren’t giving enough for the personal touch of a gift officer, but they are giving too much to be treated just … more

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Bringing Joy Into Major Giving

Guest Blog by Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE As fundraisers, we aren’t just raising money for our organizations. Of course, that’s a major responsibility. But, the core of our work is as relationship architects between our organizations and the donors who currently … more

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You Say You Want a Revolution?

We all want to change the world (as John Lennon sang), but those of us working in nonprofit fundraising actually are changing the world. The problem is we don’t always remember that. Instead we get caught up in meetings, copy … more

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