Testing… Testing… But Did it Work? Check for Free!

436491997_3a32feae04_oWe all know how important it is to test new direct marketing techniques so you can learn what really works best when it comes to motivating your donors to give. But once you get your results back, how do you know for sure if your test worked? Did you get enough gifts back for your test to be significant?

This week I found out about a very cool, FREE, online tool from our friends over at Mal Warwick | Donordigital, that can tell you just that.

Their Response Significance Calculator lets you quickly enter the number of contacts and gifts for each of two test segments, and does all the math for you.

Did the calculator give your test a confidence rate of 95% or higher? Great! You probably have a real difference between your test groups and a better understanding of what works for your donors! Lower than that? It’s hard to say whether your test actually made a difference. You might want to test out a more substantial change to your package next time.

– Posted by Julie Price @Impact_Julie

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