What Do Memories Have to Do With Fundraising?

8376342697_1669e83d66_mI always enjoy attending Planned Giving Days, sponsored by the National Capital Gift Planning Council and this year was no exception.

Jay Steenhuysen led an interesting discussion on the donor experience. He challenged us to think about how we can create the “warm glow effect” for our donors. After all, people are willing to pay more for exceptional experiences (such as Disney) in part because they make wonderful memories.

So how can we make memorable philanthropic experiences for our donors? Here are a few of Steenhuysen’s ideas:  a) Surprise them with excellent service, particularly after a big gift, so the memory of that good feeling lingers. b) Leave behind memorabilia that they will value. C) Build a theme to your ongoing conversations with the donor based on their interests.

Claudine Donikian shared some great statistics and marketing insights. She studied “most clicked” headlines in marketing emails and websites and found that the promise of relevant and helpful information drove click-through rates. An article titled, “Charitable Dilemmas” was the most clicked ever.  She also advised that you focus your messages on how donors can “make a difference” and “help to solve problems.”

She shared this interesting insight: women will inherit 70% of the intergenerational transfer of wealth in the next 50 years. And women want to connect with others and want personal experiences. So that takes us back up to Jay’s session.

Good experiences create memories. Memories lead to satisfaction. And satisfaction cements the donor relationship. So, how are you creating memorable experiences for your donors?

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