Stories Matter

shutterstock_202499908Why we do what we do…

“…we are, as humans, already an assemblage of stories. And the gulf that exists between us as people is that when we look at each other we might see faces, skin color, gender, race, or attitudes, but we don’t see, we can’t see, the stories. And once we hear each other’s stories we realize that the things we see as dividing us are, all too often, illusions, falsehoods: that the walls between us are in truth no thicker than scenery.”

–Neil Gaiman

Posted by Julie Price @impact_Julie

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  1. Hi Julie, we met at the most recent AFP event, “Court, Date, and Propose: Building Relationships with Your Mid-level Donors.” I’m currently working on building a mid-level donor program at World Resources Institute and would love to reach out to donors with a questionnaire. If you happen to have any samples, would you mind emailing them? The AFP session was really informative and has inspired me to kick this new program into a higher gear. Thanks so much!!

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