Don’t Be Too Quick to Celebrate Trump’s Woes

lead_960Those of us in the fundraising field are quite familiar with scrutiny from the state attorney generals. We register, file contracts, pay fees, and sometimes give up our fingerprints to states all across the country to prove that we are not ripping off the American public.

Now, charitable fraud is taking front stage in the Presidential election. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has opened an investigation into the Donald J. Trump Foundation, after the Washington Post reported that he had not donated to the Foundation since 2008 and used money from the Foundation to buy gifts for himself and for illegal political purposes.

It could be tempting for those of us who fear a Trump presidency to celebrate this latest news. But as a fundraising professional that worries about declining consumer confidence and trust in charitable organizations, I’m not celebrating. The last thing we need as we head into the all-important year-end fundraising season is for “charitable fraud” to be leading the national headlines.

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