One Simple Trick to Make Your Clients Love You

octopuspersonRecognize that they are doing three hundred different things for ten different departments/people.

It’s that simple.

A quick “I understand how much you have on your plate, and want to help you ” goes a VERY long way.

Because as a consultant, you were hired for a reason. The odds are good that the person you work with on the client side is a human desperately trying to be an octopus – growing lots of new tentacled arms in order to manage the vast amount of projects flying around. Especially at this time of year.

Too often, these amazing octopus-people are not celebrated or even recognized for doing as much as they do. As an outsider, noticing that they’re doing so much, and doing it well, will earn you their instant appreciation.

(Of course, providing them with brilliant strategy and storytelling helps, too.)

  • Posted by Jennifer Clements
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