Our Impact on Giving Tuesday: Amanda’s Choice

freedom_of_speech-300x232To say the election has been a tough one for all of us, is an understatement. But the day after the election, as the city sat in an eerie silence, I received several emails from PEN America letting me know that they were still out there defending my voice, all of our voices. We would be heard. 

And have we made some noise. I have found comfort in reading the posts on PantSuit Nation, or in the open letter from the ACLU in the New York Times, or in the freedom of speech from the cast of Hamilton. 

But I also have friends and family with different viewpoints than me. I respect and love them just the same. They have stories that deserve to be heard as well.

Now more then ever we have to defend or freedom for free expression. So we can continue to tell all of our stories. That’s what I choose this year…the right to keep telling our stories and to have them be heard. 

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