Our Impact on Giving Tuesday: Kathy’s Choice

0040a60610c543eb909ed3fa058e1d2aMy Giving Tuesday gift is for the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund for activists protecting their land and water at Standing Rock Reservation. The Sacred Stone Camp was established April 1, 2016 as a center of spiritual and cultural opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline. The pipeline is proposed to carry 450,000 barrels of fracked crude oil per day  across  ancestral lands and under the Missouri River. If the pipe leaks or spills, it could dump hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil in the Missouri River less than a half mile downstream from the tribe’s water supply. Activists are determined to stop construction through prayer and non­violent direct action until adequate tribal consultation and environmental review are conducted. 

Impact is proud to donate to a charity of choice for each of our employees this #GivingTuesday.

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