How Design Can Help You Raise More Money

As the Production Manager at Impact Communications, I am always wondering what design elements work best for our direct mail clients.

At the Bridge session Data Meets Design there were many good examples of tests that both unexpectedly passed and failed.

Here are a two quick tips to implement in your next campaign.

  1. A blank OE outperforms a teaser almost every time. As writers, we like to come up with the most compelling teaser. We feel certain the right words will get more donors or prospects to open the envelope. But, Mal Warwick Donordigital has seen in repeated tests that the mystery of a blank envelope is more compelling than any witty one-liner.
  2. In a test conducted by Mal Warwick Donordigital, a 6-page letter outperformed a 2-page letter by 82%. As fans of long letters, we couldn’t be happier to hear this news. This reaffirms our belief that your donors care about your mission and they want to hear more, not less, about your impact!

Thank you to the speakers at Data Meets Design for inspiring us with these and many other examples. They also reminded us that even if a test fails miserably – it is still a win! Every time the control does better than the test, you are learning more and more about how your donors want to be spoken to. Even silence can be loud – and important. So keep on testing!

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