#GivingTuesday: Impact’s picks

It’s a tradition at Impact that on Giving Tuesday, each member of our staff selects a nonprofit to receive a contribution from the company. Here are our 2017 picks:

Kathy: “I have decided to donate this Giving Tuesday to Capitol Hill Group Ministries—a leader in ending homelessness in our city. I have participated in their Adopt-A-Family program for many years through my own church. I shop for a mom and two children and it’s one of the highlights of the Christmas season. This year, one of the boys wants a neon football so he can play after dark. But CHGM does so much more that support families during the holiday season. They work year round to prevent homelessness by helping at-risk families stabilize their income and keep their homes. They provide short-term and long-term housing to more than 100 families and their Shirley’s Place Day Center welcomes people for counseling, meals, showers, laundry and more. They are a catalyst for positive change in our city and I’m proud to support them.”

Meg:  “I love the approach that the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation has taken to end breast cancer. They connect the public to the scientific community to help provide more opportunities for innovative research – the more research, the better we understand how to treat and beat breast cancer. I have been a member of their Army of Women© since its inception in 2008. It’s an easy way to be a part of finding a cure – you just sign up for their email list and they will send you opportunities to participate in research studies.  You can help cure or even prevent breast cancer just by filling out a survey. How easy is that?!”

Alanah: “The devastation in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria has been shocking to see and hear about in the news. Hearing the personal story of my friend from Puerto Rico has drawn me in even more to want to help the recovery effort. It is powerful and heartbreaking to hear what her family and friends are going through. That personal connection I feel to Puerto Rico— even through one person’s experiences— has its grasp on my heart. That is why my Giving Tuesday donation is going to United for Puerto Rico.”

Amanda: “This year I have decided to make my #GivingTuesday donation to United for Puerto Rico. Devastated by Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria in September, many people are still without power to this day and hundreds have died. With all of the other political chaos going on around us, the people of Puerto Rico have not gotten the spotlight, or assistance, they so desperately need. I want to be there for our brothers and sisters in any way I can, even with a small donation. The United for Puerto Rico initiative is spearheaded by the First Lady of Puerto Rico.”

Courtney: “I would like to make my Giving Tuesday donation to N Street Village who serves nearly 2,000 homeless and low-income women each year in Washington DC. Some of the most common challenges for the women of N Street Village include: health or mental health problems, substance abuse or addiction, a history of trauma, a lack of educational and vocational opportunities, job loss or eviction, domestic violence, a criminal background or other barriers to employment, or functional illiteracy. And sometimes the biggest challenge for a woman arriving at N Street is the loss of her own sense of dignity, self-worth, and hope – which I can relate to on a personal level.”

Heather: “I love UpCycle Creative Reuse Center in Alexandria…where treasures abound. Connection, creativity and conservation all wrapped into one! From UpCycle’s Signature Tinker time blending science and art, to after-school programming, summer camps, and community workshops, UpCycle teaches students and teachers that cast-offs like bottle camps, bread ties, fabric scraps and more are just the beginning to inspire learning. Last year alone UpCycle collected and kept more than 50 truckloads of art, learning and business materials out of the landfill! And then redistributed these items through their Community Resource Center open to all in Alexandria.”

Jen: “It’s no secret that the arts are near and dear to my heart. This year, I’m making my Giving Tuesday gift to Sitar Arts Center — a state-of-the-art, after-school program offered free of cost for DC kids to train in the arts discipline of their choice. Many public schools don’t offer robust arts programs, and enrolling in expensive private lessons isn’t possible for all families. With classes in everything from bellydance and pottery to filmmaking and guitar, Sitar Arts Center helps young people develop their love of the arts in whatever medium they choose, from professional artists who volunteer their time.”


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