Want a Raise? Start Marketing Planned Giving!

Do you want to be a rock star in your organization? To add more value and raise more dollars to fuel your mission? You can!

Join Impact’s own Kathy Swayze and Meg Roberts on DMFA’s planned giving marketing webinar tomorrow, January 17th, at 2pm EST. You will learn how to help your organization capture its share of the multi-trillion dollar transfer of wealth that is predicted over the next couple decades.

Where will these trillions of dollars come from?  The answer is clear: from YOUR direct mail donors—and research shows it won’t decrease their annual giving at all! We’ll cover how your direct marketing and planned giving teams can work together to promote planned gifts—and share amazing examples from organizations that are already succeeding.

Here are just a few of the key practices we’ll be covering:

  • Discussing common goals with your colleagues
  • Making room for appeals in your marketing calendar by identifying key audiences
  • —Identifying stewardship pieces that can be customized for annual and planned giving donors
  • Personalizing your appeals to show donors you know them

To learn all this and much more, sign up here: https://www.dmfa.org/events/10-26-2017/bridging-direct-marketing-and-planned-giving

Photo credit: © Purple Slog Used under a Creative Commons (CC-BY-2.0) license.

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