Announcing Impact’s New Services!

Put Some Art into Your Fundraising

Strategic fundraising and communications breakthroughs need a poet as much as they need a copywriter.

At Impact Communications, we understand that now more than ever, the world needs art. Fundraisers need art. And nonprofits need art.

When our company was founded 20 years ago, we lead the charge to incorporate storytelling into fundraising. Today, storytelling has become a buzzword in our industry.

Not wanting to rest on our laurels, Impact Communications now seeks to push even further towards the art of communicating to donors across the pyramid.

And today, we are thrilled to launch our new product line…

….Fundraising Poetry. 

We have included several samples below, and we hope you enjoy reading them. If Impact Communications can be of service to your organization, or if you’d like to request a quote for a fundraising poem, our team of writers will be standing by to assist you. Simply email or call (202) 543-7671.

Editor’s note on April 2, 2018: Alas (or thankfully?) the fundraising poems below aren’t a real product, just a little April Fools’ Day fun. For now, our other products and services will have to tide you over.  

Haiku for a Fundraiser
My empty mailbox
Nonprofit rate is so slow
Awaiting my seeds

The sky is falling
The rhino’s gone extinct
Arts funding is stalling
Inequity’s distinct.
Pollution and cancer and Monsanto
Are making people sick
The evils of the world seem giganto
Our president’s a prick.
Our world feels full of panic,
Chaos, anger and dismay.
With problems this titanic,
Won’t you give a buck today?

Not all seniors are lucky like me.
In aging, we lose opportunity.
It could have been my fate
Making me pay my bill late.
That’s why I give to AARP.

Planned Giving Acrostic #6
Leave the world a better place
Every dollar counts
Generations to come will thank you
Add your name to our Legacy Society
Care for your family and our mission
Your memory will live on

Planned Giving Limerick #72
Can you save little ducks from Exxon
Without your account being over-drawn?
To save them all still,
Put us in your will.
Your dreams will live on when you’re gone.

Case for Giving
Our nonprofit work is simply the best.
Better, or on par, with all the rest.
If you feel our mission in your heart,
Send us a check, don’t be a fart!
We promise to stop being a pest.

Life at Impact
My kids deserve the very best
Work life allows me to provide
Happily juggling mother, worker, me




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