Using Direct Response to Close Planned Gifts

So often we hear from our clients that there is just not enough time in the day to follow-up with all the leads generated by your planned giving marketing. However, for planned giving success, quick and consistent follow-up is very important.

One way to stay in front of those who indicate an interest in leaving a gift is with additional mailings and emails. We call it moves management through the mail. By continuing to communicate with your hand-raisers through targeted, high touch and strategic packages, you can supplement your personal outreach and move more leads along the pipeline to a closed gift. Let’s discuss a few techniques:

  • Letter of Appreciation:  The decision to leave a gift for charity in your estate plans is a HUGE deal. The donor is basically saying,“Hey you are part of the family”. A decision of this magnitude takes time to think about. So, take the time to acknowledge the importance of their decision and thank them consistently. A simple Letter of Appreciation might be just what you need. Thank them and let them know that your team is available to help. Offer them multiple ways to connect with you: by phone, by email, by requesting a call back. This same technique works well as a Listing Letter asking them to let you know if they have left a gift so that you can recognize them in the upcoming annual report or newsletter listing.
  • Newsletters:  Donors want to be reminded why they love your organization and feel more connected to your work. If you have a planned giving or a general newsletter, adding a versioned cover letter for those that have already shown interest in planned giving can be very effective.
  • Multi-Channel Survey:  You already know that surveys are a great tool for generating new leads. But it’s also an excellent way to move existing leads along in their consideration process. Simply version the questions for this audience including asking how they liked the materials you sent, find out where they are in their process of consideration, etc. If you are using the survey for lead generation, it is extremely cost effective to tack on another version for your hand-raisers group.

By continuing to speak with your hand-raisers through the mail, you can further qualify them for a visit – saving you time and money. And remember, since most of these people came to you through the mail, they may never want to take a phone call or visit from someone at your organization. By communicating with them in the channel they are comfortable with, you can continue the conversation and even close gifts. So, start planning your next moves management campaign now and call us if you need help. We promise you will be amazed at the results.

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